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ArduiNIX V2 Tube Driver Shield Kit - Domestic $46, International $56
Build it yourself! - Arduino not included

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ArduiNIX V2 Nixie Tube Driver Shield Board Only -Domestic $11, International $13
Now shipping Black soldermask version. Use the parts you already have

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IN-17x6 V2 Tube Board Kit - Domestic $68, International $78
Includes current release of the IN-17x6V2 Tube Board, header pin rail, six IN-17 Nixie Tubes and 6 10K resistors. Base Insulators may be different colors. DOES NOT INCLUDE 4X INS-1 LAMPS!

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IN-17x6 V2 Tube Board ONLY - Domestic $13, International $16
Use your own IN-17 Nixie tubes and 10K resistors.

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Arduino UNO - $35.00 - an open-source electronics prototyping platform!

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Anode / Cathode Connector Cable Set - 6 Inch - Domestic $6, International $7
Connect your ArduiNIX Shield to your ArduiNIX display board, or your own display board or project.
Set includes 20 Pin Female to Female Cathode cable, 4 Pin Female to Female Anode cable.

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ArduiNIX Approved 9V Power Supply - Domestic $7, International $8
High quality switch mode AC to regulated DC 9V 650mA wall power supply. Center-positive 5.5x2.1mm barrel connector. Works with 100-240VAC inputs.

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INS-1 Nixie Lamp - Domestic $2, International $4 - Shipping Included
PLEASE NOTE !! These run at 65 to 90 Volts, YOU MUST RESISTOR THESE OR RISK BURNING THEM OUT! Recommend starting at 100K or 220K resistor instead of 10K like normal tubes.

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